Atelier Yaron

Alexander Yaron Portait of Helena Yaron
Helena Emelianoff Yaron, 1952

About Atelier Yaron

This atelier, or studio, has been in existence for many years. It was founded by Alexander Yaron in Shanghai, China, in the early 1940's. At the time it was not only a fine art studio, but also one of the largest advertising agencies in the Orient. Among our clients were not only patrons of fine arts, but also large corporations, such as the China National Aviation Corporation, China National Navigation Company, and Pan American Airways; also Henningsen Produce Company, makers of Hazelwood Ice Cream and other products; and Bakerite, makers of baked good and confections; also major newspapers such as the North China Daily News, The China Press, Le Journal de Changhai, The Evening Post and Mercury, and other organization too numerous to mention.

Throughout his career, Alexander Yaron signed his work in three separate ways: in block letter as "Yaron," in block letters as "A. Yaron," and in script as "AYaron;" sometimes without the date, but most often with the date.

We are known as "Old China Hands." This term has been in use since the beginning of the 20th century. It refers to those people of foreign descent who were either born and reared in China, or those who had lived and worked there for many years either in the world of commerce, or in the service of foreign governments, or as missionaries. As Old China Hands, we are aware of our heritage and take pride in having participated in this distinct and turbulent phase of China's history. You will find a reflection of old Shanghai in the faces of our "Old China" collection.

The atelier is managed by Mr. Yaron's widow, Helena Emelianoff Yaron, a linguist and world traveler since childhood, who was born and reared in Shanghai, China. An artist/photographer in her own right, she was his collaborator for over forty years. We are displaying some of the art work Alexander Yaron created over his lifetime, and we will be offering reproductions of many of these pieces by request. We will be adding more paintings to the gallery periodically. We invite you to contact us and tell us which works of art you find most interesting and which you would like to see reproduced and we will endeavor to make them available for you.